What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the latest technology dentists use as a solution for missing teeth. Until a few years ago, the only alternatives available were Dentures of Dental Bridges. Dental Implants are perhaps the best solution to missing teeth as they replace not just the top of the tooth but also the tooths root structure which prevents issues that may occur under the gum line of a missing tooth.

As well as a strong solution above the gum, bone cells in your jaw grow around the dental implant which fuses over time to become a natural part of your mouth. The result is a solution that allows you to eat and chew food normally as well as keeping your overall jaw and bone structure in good condition. This is why Dental Implants have a lifetime success rate of over 95%.

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How much do Dental Implants cost. And what should I look out for?

There are many variables when looking at the cost of dental Implants. We have put this guide together to help you get started.

  • Why does price vary so much?
  • Does multiple implants at once save me money?
  • Does my age make a difference to the price?
  • Should I go overseas to find it cheaper?

Everything you need to know about dental implants.

Your New Teeth: The How and Why of Dental Implants

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Your New Teeth: The How and Why of Dental Implants

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what are dental implants

An Implant provides the function and look of a natural tooth, and without the discomfort, pressure and ulcers generally experienced with dentures.

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